Productie van een nieuwe mobiele ambassade voor het project In Limbo Embassy van Manon van Hoeckel.



“In Limbo Embassy is an embassy for people that are ‘in limbo’: Refugees that cannot stay in the Netherlands, but are also unable to return to the country of origin. For example, because of invalid travel documents or an unsafe situation in the country of origin. As a consequence, many of them do not feel represented by their embassies or by the media.Too often direct contact between refugees and society is lacking, For this the Mobile embassy offers a neutral meeting space. The traveling office will move throughout the Netherlands. On the way the refugees, in the role of ambassadors, will invite local residents, passers-by and government officials. The embassy provides space for dialogue, debate en cultural exchange on equal footing.

In contrast to a real embassy, In Limbo Embassy represents a group of people, not a country. It makes use of legal loopholes through which the undocumented migrants, who are not allowed to work, get the opportunity to contribute to society. For example, official portraits of the ambassadors are sold in public space under the freedom of press.”

foto’s: © Hans Boddeke